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Course description

This course addresses the needs of future open data city officers in the compilation, management, maintenance, and utilization for value generation from open data. In particular, the learned skills will empower the learners to support municipalities, local/regional governments and policy makers in their planning, initiating, promoting, and supporting of all open data smart cities initiatives. Furthermore, the competences learnt in this course are beneficial for any type of ICT supplier in understanding and providing necessary IT infrastructure. Also, many different types of organisations ranging from businesses, healthcare, education, etc. can learn how to realize benefits from open data.

More information about the project

Learning goals

The main learning objectives of this course are to teach smart city staff and other relevant stakeholders of smart cities on how to:

  • identify smart city needs for open data,
  • assess the ability of data resources and infrastructure to meet smart city’s and stakeholder needs,
  • organize, plan, and develop data sets and collections,
  • ensure the data quality and
  • offer access to the data using data access methods,
  • use open data to generate insights,
  • visualize data insights for various purposes,
  • disseminate and provide multiple possibilities for realizing of value-added from data, and
  • to maximize the use of data for decision-making in various domains.

The OpenDCO MOOCat a glance

Estimated effort: 80 - 105 hours

Duration: 16 weeks

Prerequisites: Νο

Type: Full online

Language: EN, GR, DE, PT

Fees: Free of charge

The OpenDCO MOOC offers

  • State-of-the-art curricula developed and delivered by experts, under high standards of quality assurance
  • 20 modules (and one foundation tutorial) covering the following areas: - Smart City and Open Data Fundamentals - Open Data Management - Open Data Exploitation and Application
  • A flexible weekly workload and schedule
  • Personalised support by experienced lecturers
  • Opportunity to meet, connect and network with peers from all over Europe and beyond
  • Certification in accordance with the European and national qualification frameworks and the European credit system for vocational education

Who can take this course

Learners’ profile

This course is aimed at all stakeholders of smart cities who intend to deal with open data in the future, be it as open data city officers, institutional beneficiaries, or citizens. The course requires a basic to medium understanding of data, ICT, and business administration. We recommend medium to high levels of education.

Developed by

OpenDCO (DE)

OpenDCO (DE) OpenDCO (DE)

Course start date: 15 Apr 2024
OpenDCO (PT)

OpenDCO (PT) OpenDCO (PT)

Course start date: 4 Apr 2024


Course start date: 22 Nov 2023