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    RE-EDUCO encourages the production, experimentation and sharing of new approaches and training methods in the field of digital culture. It enhances the role of digital culture improving the possibilities for...

    DIVINA Project

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    The DIVINA Project aims to provide specific skills and tools for adult education trainers and staff in order to manage diversity in adult education institutions. The project involves partners...


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    MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN PROGRAMMEDespite recent progress in decline with unemployment rates in the EU, women are still a long way off achieving full economic independence. In comparison to men,...

    Good DEEDs

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    The Good DEEDs is a KA2 VET Erasmusplus Project and it is addressed to 3 main topics:-- ICT – new technologies;-- Digital competences Environment and climate change;-- Social/environmental responsibility...


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    User-friendly Practical Distance Active Training ExperienceΛεπτομέρειες ΜαθήματοςΠεριγραφήΤο μικτό μάθημα UpDATE θα ενισχύσει τις ψηφιακές και κοινωνικές δεξιότητες των εκπαιδευτών στην επαγγελματική κατάρτιση, προκειμένου να επικαιροποιήσουν τις γνώσεις και τις...


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    How to become a Smart City Resilience OfficerCourse DetailsAim of the ProjectThe CRISIS proposes a holistic approach for the professional development of Smart City Resilience Officers and aims to...